I Bared My Chest


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When you prepare a meal with 21 raw ingredients, (Authors) you offer those who dine at your table, a different kind of taste experience. (Bare) They finish each course energized, their cells filled with rocket fuel (Unstoppable) that is rich in nutrients, ripe with flavor and bursting with juicy freshness

Frankie Picasso - Author, Coach & Radio Host

I've had the sheer pleasure of getting to know each of these amazing women, both for their outstanding accomplishments, drive & heart. Getting them to STRIP NAKED in public is probably one of the hardest things, they've ever had to do, but I can tell you, from page to page, the results are mind blowing. 

Alex Okoroji - Actress, Writer & Talk Radio Host

The True Story

Coach Frankie Picasso, Author, Radio Host & Founder of  THE GOOD RADIO NETWORK, recently fell into the role of  unexpected co-host for an incredible 6 days of unprecedented learning, collaboration and connections at THE NAKED CHALLENGE Creative Mastery Global Summit 2016- A 6 Day Virtual Summit on BLAB. There were so many extraordinary personalities and connections being made during that week, that founder, Alex Okoroji, aka The Queen of Expression , famed Nollywood Actress, Radio Host, Author and Host of the Summit, invited her to be her Co-host for the event.

As they ended the summit on a real high note, both ladies were greatly impacted by the amazing presentation from the other speakers, and they became reluctant to let it end there. So they brainstormed,  and came up with this book project titled, “ "I BARED MY CHEST: 21 Unstoppable Women Dig For BOLD & BRAVELY Share Their Naked Truth ..."

"What we did was link our two brands, Naked ( as in reveal ) and Unstoppable together, to create a strong platform for transformation, we then hand-picked and invited 19 of the most amazing women we knew - who would be bold enough to dig deep, brave enough to share their naked truth and cared enough about making a difference in society to stay unstoppable." 
- Alex & Frankie

An Idea is Born (The Synopsis)

What Happens When A Canadian Radio Host gets together with a Nigerian Actress, a Bisexual Jew, a Bi-Polar Coach, an American Baby Boomer, A Half Spanish Millennial, An Indian Men's Right Activist, A Religious Minister, An African American Attorney, A Lesbian Fiction Novelist, A Former American Scientist Turned Stripper, A Single Mother of 21 Orphans... 

What happens when they team up with A Middle Aged World Traveler, A Divorced Digital Media Queen, A Religious Social Entrepreneur,  A Muslim Singer, A Gender Queer Academia, A Nurse turned TV Host"...a CANCER Ridden South African Political Activist??? and the list goes on‎... 

What do you think really happens when 21 Unstoppable Women from Different Continents Get Together? 

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Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission is to create a movement for FREEDOM. The freedom to be who you are and accept others the way they are. As an International BEST SELLER, use this Book to IMPACT and inspire both Men and Women, Young and Old, Black, White, African or of any other race, religion or status to have a voice, embrace their Truths and use it as an inner source to keep succeeding at life . 

Our Vision is to create a legacy that will  grace the shelves of bookstores for years to come and leave Readers with renewed hope for a brighter future.

The Project (Bare Chest Fund)

21 Women wrote this book together, yet there are sisters and brothers  around the world whose voices are cut off, literally for speaking their mind. They are shot at, or stoned for showing their hair, or voicing an opinion, choosing who to love or wanting education. 

We can not Bare our Chest and in good conscience, forget their fight, their plight, their need to have a Voice

So with that in mind, our Goal is to be able to donate 1 Million dollars from our book proceeds to 21 local charities and international organisations in Africa, USA, Iran, India, UK and there are more...To Check them out


Our BARE CHEST Spotlight...

Canadian Author, TV Host & Singer - PETER JENNINGS to Host "BARE CHEST LIVE" Interviews with The 21 Unstoppable Women

Peter Jennings is the Host of TV Show "Be My Guest" and Author of several non-fiction and fiction books, including the widely acclaimed book "Shark Assault: An Amazing Story of Survival" which was published by Dundurn (Canada's largest independent publisher). He will he sitting down on a LIVE Virtual  interview with the unstoppable 21.

FRANKIE PICASSO & ALEX OKOROJI Join the Advisory Executive Council (AEC) of The WOMEN ECONOMIC FORUM (WEF17) 

Co-Authors and Leading Voices of the #IBaredMyChest Movement, Frankie & Alex have once again picked up the mantle of leadership and will be joining contributing authors, SharRon Jamison, Maura Sweeney and LeTonya Moore as Speakers at the Women Economic Forum 2017 happening in New Delhi, India. 

Are YOU Bold, Brave or Ballsy?...Prove it! Join The #IBaredMyChest Global Challenge and Bare Your Chest to SAVE Your Soul .

Are you Bold, Brave & Unashamed of who YOU are? Are you Unstoppable? Are you embarrassed about certain flaws, ashamed of some secrets or even AFRAID to go all out for something you want? Help us raise awareness for our mission to EMPOWER others. Join our Amazing 21 Authors and Be part of the Launch of our #IBaredMyChest Global Challenge. 


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